ZW-friendly online shops (UK)

Find here a list of Zero Waste online shops in UK (if you have any suggestions or updates, please send us an email at

Items in bulk or package-free
Good to know
To check
Fruits & veg boxes, Meat & fish boxes
Organic Veg boxes from £12.50
Various non-food items
Alternatives to plastic products
Selection of British and seasonal veggies, salads, fruits and herbs with minimal & recyclable packaging.
Veg boxes from £10
Toilet paper, Paper towels, Facial tissues, White napkins
Multiple boxes only
Packaging Plastic Free and 100% biodegradable
Subscribe with free delivery or single time purchase delivery for £4.80
Milk (organic), Juice
Available in glass bottles you can return
Naturally Good Food
Bulk savings: 10% when buying a full case
Free UK delivery for orders over £40
Need to email them to ask for a plastic free shipping
Fruits & veg boxes, Meat boxes
Organic 100% UK veg box offered in season
Veg boxes from £10.95
Shipton Mill
Flour, Yeast
Gluten free
Free delivery on most uk orders over £30
Home cleaning, Laundry products, Health & beauty essentials
Starter box for your 1st order
Refills available coming in neat little boxes that fit through your letterbox.
Pouches can be sent back for refilling and, at the end of their life, they are reprocessed into other products.
SUMA wholesale
A food buying group is currently run by Clare Seek (of Green Drinks). Contact Delphine if you want to join in.
Creating food buying groups by area?
The Soapery
Products to make your own cosmetics
Free UK shipping on every orders
Happy to deliver using paper only – Ask first
Wayside organics
Fruits & veg boxes, Eggs
Organic UK grown veg in season
Veg boxes from £10
Substitutions on a like-for-like basis (max of two per box)
Almost no packaging / No flyers
You can return the empty packaging
Who Gives A Crap
Toilet paper, Tissues, Paper towels
No plastic wrap
Buy multiple boxes & save
Get £5 off your 1st order here
Free shipping on all uk orders over £20